Aug 19, 2009 at 10:04am IST

Tunday kebabs to open franchises

Lucknow: This is sure to give the McDonalds and the KFCs a run for their money. Lucknow’s famous Tunday kebabs are now going corporate, complete with a logo and trademark. And they are opening franchises across the country.

“People wanted another outlet in Lucknow. It's a big city,” Chairman of Tunday Kababi Private Limited Mohammad Usman said.

The next stop is Bangalore and from there on to other cities in India and abroad. The luscious galaawati kebabs are all set to literally go places.

“We thought when foreign companies like McDonalds, Pizza Hut and KFC have entered the Indian market then why not an Indian food chain too?” Usman said.

It is a great step forward for Lucknow’s landmark food joint which started as a humble kebab-paratha shop way back in 1905. And not just the owners, most people in the city are thrilled too.

“What can I say about Tunday kababs? It's known all over the world. Their kababs are very delicious,” a die-hard fan said.

From the narrow bylanes of Lucknow’s walled city to posh malls in cities across the world, Tunday Kababi Private Limited believes they have a great journey ahead of them.

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