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Sep 28, 2012 at 02:08pm IST

Tweet Review: 'Oh My God', first day, first show

New Delhi: Akshay Kumar's last film 'Joker' didn't do well at the box office, so he didn't leave any stone unturned to promote his latest home production ‘Oh My God’.

The film revolves around Kanji Bhai (Paresh Rawal) who becomes a non-believer when a tornado destroys his antique shop. He starts to question the existence of god but things take a dramatic turn when Lord Krishna (Akshay Kumar) decides to give him a surprise visit.

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‘Oh My God’ is based on a popular Gujrati play ‘Kanji Virrudh Kanji’. It is also said to be influenced from Paresh Rawal’s play ‘Krishna vs Kanhaiya’. Prabhudeva and Sonakshi Sinha will also be seen in one song of ‘OMG’.

Tweet Review: 'Oh My God', first day, first show

Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar

The promos of the film look interesting and the film is likely to be benefitted from the word of mouth publicity.

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Rohit ‘Vats’ of IBNLive is inside the theatre to live tweet the experience of ‘Oh My God’.

10:40 AM: Directed by Umesh Shukla, #OMG stars Mithun Chakraborty, Paresh Rawal and Akshay Kumar in prominent roles.#tweetreview

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10:45 AM: #OMG is based on a Gujrati play Kanji Virrudh Kanji. #tweetreview

10:48 AM: #OMG is also based on Paresh Rawal's play 'Krishna vs Kanhaiya'. #tweetreview

10:51 AM: #OMG opens at a funny note. Many theatre artist are featured in the film. #tweetreview

11:01 AM: #OMG demonstrates the importance of religion in a common Indian's life. #tweetreview

11:07 AM: It's difficult for anyone to match steps with Prabhudeva. Go go go Govinda go. #OMG #tweetreview

11:13 AM: Will #OMG turn into a serious debate about religion? The film appears interesting. #OMG #tweetreview

11:22 AM: #OMG has a very unique subject. It seems to be a good take on India's cultural scenario. #tweetreview

11:26 AM: Om Puri is also there. He is expected to come up with a good performance. #OMG #tweetreview

11:29 AM: Mithun steals the show in his first appearance on screen. He is in a never seen before character. #OMG #tweetreview

11:39 AM: Paresh Rawal excels in his role. #OMG entirely depends on his acting prowess. #tweetreview

11:46 AM: Though in a lighter way but #OMG shows the nexus between the religious leaders and politicians. #tweetreview

11:49 AM: Akshay Kumar enters the scene in style. Hopefully his arrival will increase the tempo. #OMG #tweetreview

11:51 AM: #OMG questions things we don't dare to question otherwise. #tweetreview

11:52 AM: The story is unfolding in a nice manner. #OMG appears promising. #tweetreview

11:58 AM: Bhagwan ke ghar bahut der hai, kabhi kabhi andher bhi hai. #tweetreview #OMG

12:03 PM: Normally we don't see films on such burning topics. #OMG is a brave attempt. #tweetreview

12:10 PM: Good acting skills of Mithun, Govind Namdeo and Akshay Kumar support Paresh Rawal in making #OMG a good watch. #tweetreview

12:17 PM: Tisca Chopra looks too sophisticated to be a journalist. #OMG #tweetreview

12:19 PM: Mithun is too good in the film. His experience speaks. #OMG #tweetreview

12:26 PM: Metaphors have been used judiciously in #OMG. #tweetreview

12:29 PM: The politics of #OMG is debatable but the film is interesting. #tweetreview

12:36 PM: Holy texts and their interpretations form the core idea of #OMG. #tweetreview

12:40 PM: Apart from one or two technical glitches, #OMG is a well crafted story so far. #tweetreview

12:45 PM: #OMG heads towards its climax. Waiting for more miracles. #tweetreview

12:49 PM: #OMG propagates a certain kind of philosophy which is multi layered. #tweetreview

12:53 PM: Set designers have done a fantastic job in #OMG. Sets are imaginative. #tweetreview

01:05 PM: #OMG finishes at a positive note. A bit of Marxist philosophy marks the end. #tweetreview

01:08 PM: Paresh Rawal is the pick of actors in #OMG. Mithun and Akshay are also satisfactory. #tweetreview

01:09 PM: #OMG appears confused at times. It gives a theory against the things it uses to reach to a conclusion. #tweetreview

01:11 PM: The good thing is that the film raises an important question about India's obsession with gods. #OMG #tweetreview

01:14 PM: #OMG never moves away from its theme and tries hard to create an opinion in the end. #tweetreview

01:15 PM: #OMG has its moments and its engaging due to clever writing. #tweetreview

01:17 PM: #OMG doesn't take a neutral stand and this is its strength as well as weakness. #tweetreview

01:18 PM: #OMG remains true to the story. A film made with good intentions. #tweetreview

01:20 PM: You can watch the film for its unique central idea. Paresh Rawal wouln't disappoint you either. #tweetreview

01:22 PM: The film's success will be determined by the audience's acceptance of its climax. #tweetreview

01:23 PM: Thanks for being with us throughout the #tweetreview of #OMG. Have a good day.