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Feb 05, 2008 at 09:18pm IST

2 Docs tried to expose kidney racket year ago

New Delhi: The kidney racket has progressively gotten murkier and murkier, although it could have been exposed by two doctors nearly a year ago.

The doctors, S K Sharma and S K Minocha had tried to blow the whistle on the scam more than a year ago.

The doctors had been appointed by the Haryana government to inquire into the deaths of the three Turkish nationals who were to receive kidneys.

They claim that they were told the three Turks had died of cardiac arrest, although no autopsy had been conducted.

They also said that the clinic where they died had no equipment to handle cardiac emergencies.

“They could not produce any documentary evidence that the Turks had died of a heart attack,” said Dr Minocha.

The two doctors had given the Haryana government a report in March 2007, asking for an investigation.

“We asked them to get the CBI or vigilance. We wrote this in our report,” Dr Sharma pointed out.

Instead, the Haryana government had handed over the bodies to the Turkish embassy, telling officials there that the three had died of cardiac arrest.

These revelations bring back to focus the accusation that Haryana politicians were involved in providing cover to the kidney racket and perhaps are still continuing to do so.

That may also be the reason the two doctors have now gone underground after speaking to CNN-IBN.