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Mar 08, 2008 at 02:18am IST

Two years on, Rozarios still wait for justice

Bangalore: Justice delayed is justice denied and two years after their daughter, Samantha committed suicide, the Rozarios in Bangalore, are still awaiting justice.

Even though Samantha left behind a suicide note, which clearly blames the placement officer of her college for her death but there has been no progress in the case.

For Peter and Christine Rozario, time came to a standstill two years ago on February 18, 2006, when their younger daughter Samantha committed suicide.

In the suicide note she left behind, she said that Colonel Swamy, the placement officer at her college, BMS College of Engineering, was harassing her. But despite that, the case was allegedly closed.

"The Banaswadi police did register a case under 174 CRPC, unnatural death, whereas they should have registered under 306 IPC, abetment to suicide but they didn't do that," Samantha's father Peter Rozario claims.

In November 2006, the distressed parents approached the then chief minister HD Kumaraswamy.

The CM gave the Corps of Detectives (CoD) three months to solve the case. The Rozarios are still awaiting justice and the CoD has declined to comment.

"The CoD came to us on the January 8, 2007, and since that day till today, there has been no word from CoD as to the position of the case. Each time we went to them they say they would get back to us in 15 days. The last my wife visited CoD was on November 1, 2007, and they only said they'll get back in 15 days. How many 15 days have gone by since then," Peter says

When CNN-IBN tried to contact college officials, they said they had nothing to say since the case is under investigation.

"There is no action taken against the placement officer. In fact he has been promoted to for the new admission further than what he was presently. Now he's the Administrative and Liaison Officer of BMS College," Peter says.

And that has only added more pain to the wait for justice for the Rozarios.

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