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Dec 29, 2011 at 09:01am IST

UK: Indian student killed for not telling time

New Delhi: A trip to Manchester during the Christmas break became his last for Anuj Bidve, an Indian student in the UK.

Twenty three-year-old Anuj, a student at Lancaster University, was shot in the head by a British youth on December 26.

Anuj was with a group of Indian friends when the attack happened. Shockingly, he was killed for failing to answer a simple question - What's the time?

Bidve's family came to know of his death through Facebook. Even as the shattered family is yet to come to terms with the loss, they are struggling to bring his body home.

The family also believes the attack could have been racially motivated.

Meanwhile, the UK police has arrested four persons in connection with the murder.

Expressing shock over the unprovoked attack, the UK Parliament has sought a circumstantial report of the incident.