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Sep 21, 2013 at 02:03pm IST

UK officials seized diaries that had proof against UPA, says Ramdev

London: Yoga guru Ramdev, who was detained at the Heathrow airport in London for over eight hours, has claimed that the customs officials seized documents from him that carried corruption proof against the Congress. "They took two diaries. Both were on corruption done by the UPA government," Ramdev said.

Ramdev was on Friday detained and questioned at Heathrow airport in London for over eight hours by British customs officials. There is no clarity over the reason for his detention at the airport.

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However, according to sources, Ramdev was questioned by customs officials as he came to London on a visitor visa instead of a business visa. Ramdev has been ordered to reappear for interrogation on Saturday.

Meanwhile, according to one of the organisers of the function, he was questioned on books he was carrying which were in Hindi and Sanskrit. The officials detained Ramdev for over six hours before he was allowed to go.

Some media reports also said that Ramdev was questioned about certain medicines he was carrying with him. Ramdev's spokesman SK Tejarawala described as "baseless" that he was questioned on carrying some medicines.

"It was not clear why the Yoga guru was detained for over six hours at Heathrow. He was not carrying anything with him except a small bag of personal effects. It is for the British authorities to explain why he was detained," Tejarawala said.

He said Ramdev has been cleared to go into the city. Ramdev went to London to attend the function organised by the Patanjali Yogpeeth on the 120th anniversary of Swami Vivekananda in the next couple of days.

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