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Dec 12, 2011 at 12:57am IST

UN climate deal struck after India gives in

Durban: After two weeks of chaos, infighting and mistrust, it's finally happened. All 196 countries cleared the text for a landmark deal at the Climate Summit in Durban. The breakthrough capped 13 days of hectic negotiations that saw high tension and drama between the developed and the developing nations. The existing regime Kyoto Protocol puts the onus only on the developed nations to curb emissions.

Management of a climate fund to aid poor countries has also been agreed upon though how the money will be raised has not been decided.

The debate ran past midnight and speakers lined up almost evenly on one side or the other as the dispute between the European Union and India got tense over the precise wording of the new 'roadmap'. Finally both the countries were given ten minutes to find a solution.

Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan said, "We were not happy with reopening the text but in a spirit of flexibility and accommodation shown by all we have shown our flexibility and we have agreed to this."

So what does the deal mean for India?

"I think India has gained by putting its view of equity that has been accepted by the conference for discussion," Sunita Narain said.

Even as the world community celebrates the new deal at Durban, the full implications text of the will only be understood in the days to come.