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Jul 16, 2009 at 01:32pm IST

Uttarakhand cops face fake encounter queries

New Delhi: The Uttarakhand police is under the scanner for the death of 22-year-old, Ranbir Singh, an MBA graduate, in an alleged fake encounter.

While Ranbir's parents still await a CBI enquiry into the killing, an investigation done by our sister channel IBN7 has revealed that the Uttarakhand police might just have many more fake encounters to its credit.

Ranbir Singh was shot dead in an encounter on the July 3. According to the police he was running away after snatching the service revolver of a police officer, but Ranbir's post-mortem report revealed that he was shot from close range. The state government has now sought a CBI probe in to the case.

A IBN-network investigation shows up many such " encounters."

Narendra Rana a former constable was allegedly shot dead in an encounter on the April 28, 2005. According to the police, he was responsible for kidnapping a businessman along with his accomplices.

However, Narendra Rana's son, Prashant Rana said, “We were never given the post-mortem report. When I went to ask for it I was asked to go away and never return.”

Police officials claimed to have gunned down Rana on the April 28, 20'05, but the victim's post mortem report revealed that he had died at least two to three days earlier. In fact, the man who was showered with praise for carrying out this encounter was none other than Senior Superintendent of Police Amit Sinha. He is the same officer who led the encounter of Ranbir Singh.

On the August 24, 2006, 22-year-old Ramdarshi and 20-year-old Jitendra were shot dead in an encounter in Dehradun. The next day 18-year-old Shyam Sunder and Parvinder who was just 16 years old was shot dead in a similar encounter in Rishikesh. All four were best of friends who had come to Uttarakhand for a holiday. Not only were they eliminated, their families weren’t even able to carry out their last rites.

Shyam Sunder's brother Babloo said, “They (the police) asked us to go away. They told us they have been cremated. We should have at least been allowed to cremate them.

When these allegations were put before senior officials, this is what they had to say:

Inspector General of Police, Law and Order, Uttarakhand, R S Meena said, “We carry out a magisterial inquiry into each case and we take action if someone is found guilty of excesses.”

However, an RTI query revealed that between 2005-06, more than 15 people were killed in various encounters. Though magisterial inquiries had been ordered into each one of them, not a single report has been submitted till date.

Surely, the Uttarakhand police has more than just one encounter to explain.

(With inputs from Alok Verma and Sandeep Kumar)

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