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Oct 03, 2008 at 08:59am IST

Upset with news? Report abuse

New Delhi: The Arushi Talwar murder case, some say, was the lowest point of Indian news television. [The Case]

But here’s some news you can use.


If the reportage or coverage of a particular issue upsets you, take your grievance directly to the channel within seven days of the broadcast.

More good news: if you receive no explanation or apology, go to News Broadcasters Association for redressal. The NBA – a self-regulatory body formed by the heads of 30 news channels – will decide whether the channel was at fault in three months’ time and fine the offender if necessary.

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Repeat offenders will be severely punished — these stern words from the chairman of the NBA, Justice JS verma.

“Ultimately NBA can recommend suspension and cancellation of license to the concerned authority. I hope we will not be required to exercise that power,” says NBA Chairman Justice JS Verma.

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The NBA has 30 news channels as members and has formed a broad code of conduct which includes:

  • Impartiality and objectivity in reporting
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  • Ensuring crime and violence are not glorified
  • Not reveal the identity of victims of child abuse and rape
  • Respect the privacy of indivisuals
  • No depiction of superstition or nudity
  • No sex and sleaze in sting operations
  • All channel websites to have provisions to receive viewer feedback

“Role of authority is also to monitor the standards of broadcasting etc and will now be discussed better in a forum of peers,” says NBA member Anup Bambani.

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