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Jan 22, 2009 at 01:57am IST

Manyata Dutt earns fame as Mrs Sanjay Dutt

New Delhi: Actor Sanjay Dutt's sisters haven't made secret of their dislike for Manyata Dutt, the woman their brother married.

Until she married Dutt, the woman was a mystery and known for two bit roles in B-grade movies.

She also dodged controversies related to her alleged marriage before to another man that made her public marriage to the actor illegal.

Few know that Manyata is not her real name and that Dilnawaz Shaikh, the current Mrs Sanjay Dutt is a very influencing factor in the life of Sanjay Dutt.

Manyata Dutt is now constantly visible by her husband's side, and while she has chosen to remain largely silent, there's been much speculation about her grip over Sanjay Dutt's life.

Born in Mumbai as Dilnawaz Shaikh, she spent most of her life in Dubai. But when her family moved back to Mumbai, the lure of showbiz drew her to Bollywood

As a struggling starlet she appeared in a B-grade film Lovers Like Us - the rights of which were reportedly recently bought by Sanjay Dutt for Rupees 20 lakhs and the videos pulled off the shelf.

Her first major break was a rather raunchy item song in Prakash Jha's Gangajal in 2003, when she was also renamed Manyata from Dilnawaz by the director himself.

Manyata's Bollywood aspirations are said to have ended when her father passed away leaving her the family business. But in 2006, when she met Sanjay Dutt through producer Nitin Manmohan, it was the beginning of a whirlwind romance which saw Dutt leave his then girlfriend Nadia Durrani.

Sanjay's family was evidently against the match, so when Manyata and Sanjay tied the knot in February, 2008 it was news to his sisters who did not have a clue that things had gone this far.

Priya Dutt, Sanjay Dutt's sister was asked by journalists about the marriage as it was going on and she said, "I have no idea. You guys are telling me so I know, thanks for the news."

But there was no stopping Dutt junior who seemed completely floored by the new woman in his life.

"I thank my fans, I am very happy," the actor had said as he walked out after the ceremony, wife in tow.

Manyata had said, "I was busy with mehendi and all. I am very exhausted but I am also very happy."

Controversy dogged the couple as Manyata's ex-husband challenged Dutt's marriage claiming to be still legally married to Manyata and the couple's attempts to register the marriage in Goa also came under the scanner owing to reportedly fake domicile documents.

Now, as Sanjay Dutt prepares to contest the Parliamentary polls from Lucknow on a Samajwadi Party ticket, Manyata's role in Dutt's decision to enter politics is more than obvious.

SP leader Amar Singh has even said that should legal obstacles make it tough for Sanjay Dutt to contest the polls, SP will field his wife Manyata as a candidate.

Clearly, the woman no one knew existed till a while ago has come a long way by becoming a proxy for the heir to a respected family in Bollywood.