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Oct 16, 2013 at 08:46am IST

UP: ASI to excavate fort in Unnao as sadhu dreams of hidden gold there

Unnao: The government's dream to take control of temple gold to rescue a struggling economy may not have gone far. But a sadhu's dream of hidden gold at a fort in Unnao in Uttar Pradesh has prompted the Archaeological Survey of India to survey the area and begin excavation work in the next two days.

The administration of the Unnao district along with the ASI is all set to excavate the remains of Raja Ram Bux Singh's fort for the allegedly buried treasure after sadhu Shobhan Sarkar dreamt that thousands of tonnes of gold is lying buried.

"I believe we will see such a huge treasure that there won't be space in Unnao to even keep it," said Unnao resident Sant Om Shri.

After his dream, district officials decided to survey the fort. "A team of Geological Survey of India officials surveyed the area and submitted a report. They said that the place needs to be excavated," said District Magistrate Vijay Karan Anand.

Local lore has it that Raja Ram Bux Singh buried the treasure to save it from the British. Even his descendents are impatient to find out if the legend is true.

"If we find there is limited gold then it should be used for the betterment of the fort, otherwise if the quantity is huge, it should be used to benefit the entire town," said a descendent Navchandi Veer Pratap Singh. Legislator Kuldeep Senger added, "The UP government is in support of the excavation. We want to improve the fort's condition."