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Oct 21, 2013 at 03:19pm IST

UP gold rush: Shobhan Sarkar slams Modi, says he showed no respect to him

New Delhi: The Hindu seer whose dream sparked off the gold rush in Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh has now written an open letter to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi for questioning the digging. Sadhu Shobhan Sarkar has slammed Modi for saying that the Delhi government has started excavation after someone claimed that there is buried gold lowering the country's image globally.

In the letter Sarkar said, "I want to tell you humbly that in a hurry to hit out at the Central government and Sonia Gandhi, you have disrespected a saint. The dream of Sri Swami Shobhan Sarkar is to make India the world's most powerful economic force.

I had earlier sent a letter to the Central government, the state government and district administration asking them for a GSI investigation of an area in Dhondia village and requested them to caary out an excavation based on the GSI report. I request an influential leader like you (Modi) not to waste time on such talk."

In response to the letter Modi wrote on Twitter, "Lakhs of devotees believe in seer Shobhan Sarkar. I have deep respect for him. I urge the government of India to present a white paper on black money stashed in foreign banks."

BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Modi had on Friday targeted the government for being unable to bring back the money stashed by Indian "thieves and looters" in foreign banks. He had raised the issue while mocking at the excavation being conducted by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in Unnao after a saint said he had dreamt about 1000 tonnes of gold being underneath at a place there.

"The whole world is laughing at us over this bizarre exercise. Somebody dreamt and the government has launched an excavation...The money hidden by thieves and looters of India in foreign banks is much more than 1000 tonnes of gold. If you (government) bring back that money, you won't have to do digging for gold (in Unnao)," Modi shad aid while attacking the government.