Feb 18, 2012 at 08:02am IST

UP Polls: Vote and secure marks for your kids

Lucknow: Politics is every where in Uttar Pradesh this season - even in class rooms. At Lucknow's Christ Church College - a post-poll alliance has been struck between the principal and his 300 plus students.

All those who can get their parents to vote on the February 19 earn 10 extra marks.

An out of the box campaign it may be but how will the school verify who has voted and who hasn't?

Principal, Christ Church College Rakesh Kumar Chettri said, "The moment voting is over we will call a parent-teacher meeting. Parents who show us the black mark, ticks will be put against their children's name."

Not just children, the Election Commission (EC) is bombarding first time voters with constant reminders as well. Hoardings have been put all over Lucknow and the Election Commission has released a music video as well.

After all in this dance of democracy and every mark counts.

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