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UP postman, falsely booked for pocketing Rs 57, let off after 29 years

Priya Singh, CNN-IBN
Dec 03, 2013 at 10:48am IST

Kanpur: He was sacked from his job for allegedly pocketing Rs 57.60 almost 29 years ago. After three decades of long court battle, he has now been exonerated. His life has been shattered and he is not in a position to rebuild it now.

This is the story of a poor postman Umakant Mishra. He was working at Harjinder Nagar Post office in Kanpur in the 1980s. On July 13, 1984 a case of pocketing a money order for Rs 57.60 registered against him and he was suspended from the job.

He not only lost his livelihood, but also his self respect and honour. With no money and support, he had to attend almost 350 court hearings in the last 29 years.

The court has finally declared him innocent.

According to Mishra, he lost everything in the last 29 years. His children also had to suffer humiliation. He did not have the money to feed them and educate them. This false case ruined the once stable life of Mishra and his family.

An ordinary postman, Mishra could not do anything to prove his innocence. He had no backing or money. He could not even take up any other job because of the court case against him.

The civic society is now demanding compensation and justice for Mishra for all the sufferings he went through in the last three decades.


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