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Jan 07, 2013 at 10:49am IST

UP: Raped by friend and policeman, girl fights lone battle in search of justice

Faizabad: It's been four months, since a rape survivor in Faziabad has been fighting a lone battle to get her culprit punished. After being raped by her friend, she was disowned by her family and the police officer, from whom she sought help, also didn't spare her. The accused is still absconding and the society doesn't leave a chance to ridicule her saying it was all her fault.

"People think that it must have been my fault as my father didn't support me. No one knows my pain," said the girl. She added that people talk behind her back but she has no choice but to bow her head and walk away.

The girl said that after her family disowned her, police was her only hope but they also let her down. "I kept running around to get an FIR lodged but police told me that I didn't ask them before getting raped," she told CNN-IBN.

The rape survivor told that her FIR was registered after 15 days of the crime but no arrests were made. And, then the Sub-Inspector of the police station did what no one could have expected. "The policeman said we have to go to meet the DIG. But instead, he took me to a hotel where he raped me. I kept screaming for help but all in vain. I can't trust the police anymore," she said.

While the Sub-Inspector was later arrested, the rape accused was still absconding. Along with CNN-IBN's team, when the girl went to the police station, she was told that as the case officer was not around, she couldn't be updated on the status of the investigation. "I cannot tell you, the case officer is not here," a policeman told the rape survivor.

When the CNN-IBN team took the girl to her house, where she saw her father after four long years, she was told that she should not dare to talk to anyone in the family. "Don't speak to us. I am talking because you have come with the media here," said her father.

When CNN-IBN asked him why he wasn't supporting his daughter, the father said: "I can't support her. A girl should know her boundaries." When questioned if he thinks it's all her fault, the father said, "That she knows, we don't know."

Disappointed with her father's response, the girl told CNN-IBN that she will keep fighting for justice but even then if justice is not delivered, she will kill her culprits and then kill herself. "I will not let the accused get away with it," she insisted.