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Apr 09, 2013 at 09:18pm IST

UPA most hated govt since 1947, won't last till 2014: Narendra Modi

Kolkata: Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi continued his offensive against the UPA government on Tuesday. Addressing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers in Kolkata, the likely Prime Ministerial candidate of the party ripped apart the rival Congress and Left parties through his powerful oratory. Modi alleged that the UPA was the most hated government since Independence and that "32 years of Left rule" had brought West Bengal to ruins.

Modi did not spare anyone. He took potshots at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh saying that he was not accepted as a leader within his own party. "How can he be acceptable to the country when he is not accepted as the leader within his own party? I am sure no Congress party worker would say Manmohan Singh is their leader," Modi said.

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Modi exhorted his party workers to throw the "corrupt Congress" out of power. "The people have lost their faith in the UPA government. Every worker of the BJP must focus on uprooting Congress from this country. The UPA wastes no time in targeting BJP-ruled governments which are corruption-free," Modi said.

Continuing his attack on the UPA, Modi said, "In Delhi today, there is no government, no governance. Several corruption cases emerged during the Congress rule. There was massive corruption during the Commonwealth Games. Congress will not last till 2014. There is complete policy paralysis in the UPA government. UPA has only brought insult to India. The global community has already written us off. There is policy paralysis in the country. I do not know if the UPA government will be able to survive till 2014 to finish its pending tasks."

The party workers applauded loudly when Modi took on the "two power-centres" theory of the Congress, asking, "Where exactly is the power? They say there are two power centres in the Congress. But where exactly is it?" he asked.

The tech-savvy chief minister added that the Prime Minister's Office "these days begins tweeting against me even before I finish my speech".

The Congress was quick to react. Rajiv Shukla said, "He does not have any work. Narendra Modi in the morning abuses Congress, in the afternoon, he abuses the Gandhi family and in the evening, he indulges in poaching for allies. He has left Gujarat. There is no governance in Gujarat."

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