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Mar 03, 2009 at 12:54pm IST

US suggests to avaoi travel to Bangladesh

Washington: The United States has advised its citizens to avoid unnecessary visit to Bangladesh, in view of the recent mutiny by the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) soldiers.

"The Department of State advises all US citizens to exercise caution and avoid unnecessary travel in and around Bangladesh,"the State Department said in a media advisory issued yesterday.

The State Department said this travel advisory is being issued to alert US citizens of safety concerns in Bangladesh in the aftermath of the recent attempted mutiny by some members of the BDR.

TENSED SITUATION: On February 25-26, BDR personnel staged a mutiny and killed many.

" This travel alert urges American citizens to consider carefully the risks of travel to Bangladesh at this time, and expires on April 1, 2009,"it said, adding the security situation remains unsettled as new information surfaces regarding the atrocities committed by mutineers.

On February 25-26, BDR personnel staged a mutiny and killed several army officers and others in Dhaka.

"The army, in cooperation with police, also has launched a nationwide operation to search for escaped mutineers. This search may disrupt public transportation and inconvenience to the travelling public until mutineers have been apprehended,"the State Department said.