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Jan 23, 2009 at 10:14pm IST

US warned of attack from Pak's tribals

New Delhi: An anti-terrorism commission in the US has warned of an attack on the US from Pakistan's tribal territories.

The warning comes as President Obama readies to dispatch special envoy Richard Holbrooke to the region.

Barack Obama said, “My administration is committed to refocus attention and resources on Afghanistan and Pakistan and to spend those resources wisely. We will seek strong partnership with the governments of the region. To sustain co-operation with our allies deeper engagement with Afghanistan and Pakistani people and a comprehensive strategy to combat terror and extremism.”

With Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke's mission begun, Holbrooke will have to navigate between two antagonistic capitals Islamabad and Kabul. He will have to get them to coordinate their operations against al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

He will also have to contend with the unstable relationship between Pakistan's civil and military establishments.

Meanwhile, rising tensions between India and Pakistan could become a major stumbling block to his mission.

Indian Minister for defence AK Antony said, “terrorists working across the border are a threat to India and to the entire world. I am happy that at least there is realisation from many quarters about terrorists operating from across.”

Understandably, Holbrooke was quoted as saying,”This is a very difficult assignment as we all know. Nobody can say the war in Afghanistan has gone well. In Pakistan the situation is infinitely complex.”

Afghan president Hamid Karzai said, “I hope the new regime in United States, the new government will continue to assist Afghanistan, will continue to bring right pressure in the region to fight terrorism and fight it effectively and I hope that we all are strong enough in defeating terrorism and extremism.”

In Islamabad, the US offer of many billion dollars in aid tied to results in the war on terror has not gone down well.

Add to that a high level commission, now briefing Congressmen in Washington, has warned of an attack on the US from Pakistan's tribal areas.

The attack will involve weapons of mass destruction and could take place in four years time.