Jan 18, 2008 at 11:40pm IST

Vada pavs to make burgers bite the dust in US

Mumbai: Every Mumbaikar can write an ode to the humble vada pav. Now this small snack could soon be making it big in the US as well.

A Mumbai-based vada pav chain is in talks with American companies backed by NRIs to launch a similar chain in the US next year.

“Some IT consultants who are in the US and are earning well have said they would like to take up Goli in US,” CEO of Goli Vada Pav, S Venkatesh said.

The vadas in Goli's Vada Pavs are made at automated plants in Mumbai by Vista Foods, which also supplies burgers to McDonald's.

If the deal comes through, Vista would act as Goli's suppliers in the US. But will Americans give up their hamburgers for a vada pav? Mumbai's students and Goli's patrons think they will.

“People in the US will think it is a kind of burger and will try it,” a young student said.

While others agreed that vada pav will be a hit in the US because there is a sizable population of Indians there. “A lot of Indians stay there, so I think it is great that they are opening there.”

Meanwhile, the chain's owners say they are planning to expand operations elsewhere in the country as well.

Indians might be crazy about it right now, but once this deal goes through the Yanks would also take a bite of the vada pav and say ‘I'm loving it’.

(With inputs from Moiuddin Jeddy)

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