Valuing master MF Husain's works

Fatima Karan,CNN-IBN
Jun 11, 2011 at 11:27am IST

New Delhi: MF Husain's death has left a gaping hole in the art world; those who knew him will miss the man as much as his talent. The prolific and generous artist leaves behind a substantial legacy with his body of works rumoured to be up to 40,000 pieces. How will it be valued now?

MF Husain was an icon of art; he painted continuously and was also very generous in his gifts to admirers. Some will hold these as a piece of history; others will be looking to evaluate the works.

Many art galleries are already being flooded with queries on whether his death means a spike in prices. Most anticipate a flooding of the market yet a temporary spike in prices but the golden rules of investing still apply here.

"Everyone who has a Husain, who wants a Husain would expect the sky and every Husain will not get the same value," said Renu Modi.

"Why he will always be important. I would not let myself influenced by the fact that Husain is no more. Art you collect is always for the next generation. You are a custodian," said Rajiv Savarra, collector.

Husain's earlier works are still considered the most valuable.

"He had painted on many subjects. There is a demand for anything created by him," said Mamta Singhania, collector.

An artist like Husain cannot be taken for granted as he was full of surprises.

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