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Jun 28, 2008 at 12:53pm IST

IIM grad sells veggies, to build Bihar brand

Patna: Selling vegetables on the streets is not what an Indian Institute of Management (IIM) graduate is supposed to do. But that’s what an IIM-Ahmedabad topper Kaushalendra Kumar is doing.

Kaushalendra is selling vegetables in a custom-made refrigerated cart in the streets of Patna. His new vegetable selling concept is already hit among people and he is emerging as the most sought after vegetable vendor in Patna.

Kaushlendra guarantees fresh vegetables, accurate weight, freebie schemes and above all, he is an MBA graduate from IIM-Ahmedabad.

"I come with promotional schemes and at present I am running a scheme that if one buys 2.5 kilograms then I will give one kg of onion free. I started this scheme when it rained for seven days and people stopped coming out to buy vegetables," Kaushalendra says.

Kaushalendra plans to organise vegetable farmers into a cooperative and replicate his model on a mass scale.

He believes that such a cooperative could help the farmers retain a big slice of the country's vegetable retail market, estimated at Rs 16,000 crore a day.

"I have show a dream to them (vegetable vendors). I say you are selling at a low price today but if turned into a brand then the vegetables will fetch a far higher price in the big cities. We must develop a Bihar brand in the vegetable sector'' Kaushlendra says.

Customers are also happy that a street vendor is offering all that the big retail chains promise.

"Mummy sent me to buy onions and I have got potato for free," a young boy says.

Another customer says, "The quality of vegetable is very good and even the weighing is accurate."

What has started as a small innovation may someday redefine the way vegetables are traditionally sold.

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