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Mar 03, 2014 at 05:52pm IST

Veteran Congress leader ND Tiwari accepts Rohit Shekhar as his son

New Delhi: Mired in a paternity suit for six long years, veteran Congress leader ND Tiwari has finally admitted that Rohit Shekhar, who dragged him to court over the matter, is his son. The 90-year-old reportedly invited Shekhar to his house and confessed that he was fed up of fighting and admitted that he was indeed his son.

"I am honoured to be related to this family. I am accepting that Rohit is my biological son and I'd like to tell this to the world that he's my biological son," Tiwari said.

"He said that you are my son and that we are together now. I felt very good. I just hope that I'm not cheated now," Shekhar told CNN-IBN.

"It's an emotional moment for me. Both Rohit and I have struggled a lot," Shekhar's mother Ujjwala said.

She said, "If Tiwari has accepted that Rohit is his son, then he should have said that he'll inherit his belongings."

Tiwari replied saying, "If I've accepted this in front of the media then why accept it in court. I have no property, this is not about property but about a family dispute. I never denied that he's my son. Now I am accepting it openly."

Rohit also said, "My case has set a precedent. If he gives honour to my mother, then I am with him. The fact that he has accepted his mistake now, I am satisfied. I am upset that he's not called me his heir apparent. This case is not over yet as he still needs to give it in writing in the court."

Shekhar had filed a paternity suit in 2008 seeking to declare Tiwari his biological father. Tiwari, however, repeatedly denied the claims and refused to comply with several court orders to provide his blood samples for a DNA test.

The Supreme Court finally granted him permission to give his blood samples at his Dehradun residence in the presence of a district judge of the state, civil surgeon, pathologist, HC joint registrar, Ujjwala and Shekhar.

In July 2012, the Delhi High Court opened the test report and said that the results proved Tiwari was the father of Shekhar.

Tiwari had recently sought mediation with Ujjwala and Shekhar and filed a plea in the Delhi High Court. The court decision is expected on April 21.