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Jun 02, 2010 at 03:28pm IST

Victory in civic polls a revolution: Mamata

Kolkata: Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee called her party’s victory in the West Bengal civic elections a “revolution” by the people of the state.

“This victory is dedicated to the people of the state because for 34 years they have struggled (under Left Front rule). It is a victory of the people, for the people, by the people,” Banerjee told CNN-IBN in an interview.

She accused the Communist Party of India-Marxist of India (CPI-M), the leading partner in the state’s Left Front government, of “destroying” democracy and attacking political opponents.

“We (Trinamool) fought the battle--they attacked us so many times. They attacked me and so many of our workers have been killed. Every where there was change, except Bengal because people were not allowed to cast their vote,” she said.

“This time despite all the atrocities people came out. This election is better than Lok Sabha election, 100 percent better.”

Banerjee claimed the CPI-M had thought the Trinamool’s failure to form an alliance with the Congress would benefit it but its calculation failed. “This is a landmark revolution--it is a benchmark historic decision. The CPI-M destroyed democracy and this (election results) is the construction of the people. It is a marvelous victory and marvelous achievement of the people. People have had the last word on who will rule.”

Banerjee, who is also the Railway Minister, said she wanted early Lok Sabha elections in the state but that would depend on the rules of the Constitution.

“Now it is time for them to face the truth--I am in favour of early elections (but) it depends on the Election Commission,” she said.

She refused to comment on whether she would demand from the Central government that it call for early elections in the state. “The centre has some limitation. We want whatever is possible within the constitution.”

The Trinamool leader said the party will decide who the new Mayor of Kolkata. "We will give you a worker (for the Mayor’s post), not a leader because a worker performs well,” she said.