Mar 28, 2013 at 09:40pm IST

Vikram recalls his association with Bala after watching 'Paradesi'

Director Bala's 'Paradesi' has moved almost everyone and actor now it has been none other than the superstar himself yes, Tamil actor Vikram saw the film recently and immediately headed to Bala's office to congratulate him.

The two discussed in detail, over each scene in the film.

The actor holds Bala close to his heart as the latter is responsible for his career for the cult film in Vikram's career 'Sethu'.

Tamil actor Vikram gets emotional after watching 'Paradesi'

Vikram and Bala worked together in the film 'Sethu'. Vikram rose to fame after the film and was lauded for his performance by awards.

Sources close to the actor say that Vikram has expressed a desire to work with Bala once again in a film. We look forward for the great combination.