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Jun 11, 2013 at 06:01pm IST

Vikramajit Ram paints beautiful sights through his words in Tso and La

I am a sucker for travelogues. Though, I haven't read many books based on travel but I have read a lot of travelogues in the form of blogs, notes, tweets and team-bhp is one website where you find ample stories about people's travel experiences, their learning and you see different places through their eyes. Leh - Ladakh are few of the places that fascinate everyone. Almost everyone I know wants to go and experience these places. Even I want to and may be in near future, I will.

For me, a good travelogue is all about good narration spiced up with pictures, conversations and learning and experiences. Vikramajit Ram's Tso and La never fell short on my expectations and I absolutely loved reading it. The book is an account of a road trip he made to Ladakh with his friend Manoj Bawa aka Man in their Pajero which they called Mr. P.Singh. They started from Bangalore and drove all the way to Ladakh and back. Vikramajit has ensured that he tells everything that he did on the trip. Witty and quirky almost all the time, the author has maintained the essence of the travelogue with the minutest possible details about people they met, places they visited, food they ate and troubles they faced including tips and tricks to survive at various places.

Conversations between Manoj and Vikramajit were hilarious and the constant banter between them is what added to the book's flavour. Manoj's one liners are something that would easily crack you up and Vikramajit's descriptions about people, places and various things will keep tickling your funny bone from time to time. I wish the pictures given in the book were more scattered and came up when the author was describing a place, I wanted more pictures. Pictures help in understanding the outlook of the person in a much better way.

But overall, the book is a fantastic and light read. If you wish to know more about Ladakh, the tourist attractions and the places that would fascinate you, I strongly recommend Tso and La by Vikramajit Ram. He has successfully managed to paint the views and sights of place through his words. Give this book a shot. It can also help you as a guidebook to explore the places the right way.

Vikramajit Ram paints a beautiful sight through his words

Witty and quirky almost all the time, the author has maintained the essence of the travelogue with the minutest possible details.

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