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Jul 10, 2012 at 10:04pm IST

Jackie Shroff's hilarious abuses during viral pulse polio ad shoot

New Delhi: You could say actor Jackie Shroff's abuses behind the scenes of a polio eradication advertisement by Government of India is nothing short of 'Rangeela'. The actor was the butt of jokes on Twitter all day on Tuesday after the ad went viral.

A volley of hilarious abuses was hurled by the actor who just couldn't get the chaste script right. As the cameraman soon learnt, whatever you do, do not question his Hindi.

The behind-the-scenes footage was from a 1998 pulse polio ad. After it was posted on Twitter, it soon became the hot topic of discussion for people fascinated by Shroff's vocabulary of Hindi cuss words.

Viral: Jackie Shroff cusses during polio ad shoot

A still from the pulse polio ad shoot (A still from the pulse polio ad shoot)

Here's what the Twitteratti had to say:

@BollywoodGandu: Jackie Shroff curses like a sailor! Watch this behind the scenes footage - Hilarious!

@Shakti_Shetty: Polio got to be scared of Jackie Shroff, more than anything else.

@fakingnews: Breaking News: Dhoble rescues youth watching Jackie Shroff’s m**-ki-a**** video

@greatbong: And definitely Jackie Shroff would make a better president than Pranab. What inspiring Republic Day speeches he would give.

@rameshsrivats: I've heard mother gaalis, sister gaalis & mother-sister gaalis. But Jackie Shroff is the 1st to put a mother's sister gaali.

Warning: The video has offensive content. Users' discretion advised.