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Feb 04, 2013 at 03:42pm IST

'Vishwaroopam' is Kamal Haasan's best film as a director: Sreedhar Pillai

Senior film journalist Sreedhar Pillai joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the movie 'Vishwaroopam'.

Q. What is the box office collection so far on the regions the movie has been released? Is it a hit in the Overseas, Kerala, Andhra and Karanataka markets? Asked by: Vasan

'Vishwaroopam' is Kamal Haasan's best film as a director: Sreedhar Pillai

Senior film journalist Sreedhar Pillai joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the movie 'Vishwaroopam'

A. It is doing extraordinary business in Kerala & Karnataka .

Q. If the parties come to an agreement, can the edited version be despatched so easily to all 540 theatres to facilitate a run from tomorrow? Asked by: Karthik

A. 90% of the screens in TN r digital, so once cuts r approved within a few minutes the edited version can b loaded on theater server.

Q. Is it really worth banning this movie? Asked by: leo

A. It is not worth a ban, there is nothing against any community in the film.

Q. Do you expect a outcome out of the supposed agreement being talked about and a eventual release tomorrow? Asked by: Gokul

A. There will b a positive outcome & film will release. No point in crying or blaming somebody 4 what happened. The show must go on.

Q. Is Art (cinema here) not beyond religion and politics. Is the state government not equally responsible to protect an nation proud artist as much as they want to protect the interest of fringe elements? Asked by: Bharath

A. It happens in many states in India as V pander 2 vote bank politics.

Q. Jayalalitha has explained how its not easily practical or possible to give protection to all 524 theaters and she never mentioned anything about the content of the movie. so I think she is worried about the muslims groups and never have any issues with the movie content. whats the film industry view on this. Asked by: Elango B

A. They have thanked the CM and r happy that there has been an amicable settlement.

Q. It was interesting the TV debates yesterday. The so called defenders of faith had not seen the movie and they were protesting for objectionable scenes/ dialogues? Isn't there more to it than meets the eye? Asked by: Anonymous

A. Sure

Q. After the press meet of TN CM, its clearly sign of Political issue. whats the remedy now? Asked by: leo

A. Now film will release, make it a super hit .

Q. If there's 8-hr powercut for the towns n cities outside Chennai, how can one watch it on DTH? there's no recording option too Asked by: Preeth Walser

A. There should be some way out.

Q. Why don't they mute it, rather deleting those scenes? if at all they delete, wont there be any problem in film's continuity? Asked by: Karthik...

A. They will mute & also edit certain scenes. Kamal sir, I'm sure will C there is continuity.

Q. Vishwaroopam was supposed to be released during Pongal. But at that point, there were no protests. Why now? Asked by: Arun

A. At that time there was DTH controversy with Tamil Nadu Theater Owners Association boycotting the film.

Q. sir do you really think that 'Kadal' and 'David' to be postponed to support a lone release of 'Vishwaroopam' if it got cleared today? Asked by: sai ganesh

A. Films are big business and there r no emotions as Crores of rupees r riding on Kadal & David.

Q. Will there be any reduction of theaters due to the ban? Asked by: Jackson

A. No, in fact more may join.

Q. Now that 'Vishwaroopam' is also looking at getting released tomorrow. Can the box office hold 'Kadal' & 'David' too? Asked by: Sunil

A. Vishwaroopamis going 2 take an earth shaking opening, as it has whipped up mass audience curiosity . I think it can surmount opposition films easily.

Q. I did not find the CM's explanation convincing enough. If she had intelligent report on law and order problem she could have informed Rajkamal through official channel about the same and not after the issue got much bigger. Don't you think the same? Asked by: Sri

A. The government has its reasons and it was explained well by the CM.

Q. What is the exact issue? Have you seen the movie? Can you throw some light? Asked by: Joe

A. There is nothing objectionable in the film nor is it anti-muslim.

Q. Assuming the film fails to release today or tomorrow, will the DTH plan(releasing on Feb 2nd) come in? Will the theatres start protesting then? Asked by: Arun

A. No, I'm sure it will release in a few hours.

Q. Don't you think there is a need to make the CBFC certificate the ultimate entity that supercedes all state govt's and central govt's decisions? Asked by: Jagadeesh

A. Absolutely, right on the head of the nail.

Q. Sir, did you find any flaws in the movie (as some say which can cause law and order problems. As far as I am concerned it's absolutely fine. Asked by: srikanth rèddy

A. I have seen in the past 1 year films which were more provocative in Hindi and other languages which sailed through after its release.

Q. When there is SC directive which stats that no one can stop the movie after it gets censor board approval, then is it legally correct to ban the movie? Asked by: Parvesh

A. The state government has given reasons why they want 2 ban it.

Q. Sir, should Kamal make movies on the lines of Panchathanthiram and Avvai Shanmugi from now on? Or will controversies continue to follow him even then? Asked by: Veda

A. I would love to see Kamal Haasan in a full length comedy role.

Q. I think that Vishwaroopam's pre-release screening to Muslim leaders for approval was a cause of controversy. Going forward do you see this practice increasing in the industry - wherever themes are sensitive, or would it be better to have a CBFC backing and say a bold NO? Asked by: Vishnu

A. It will depend on which group is asking 4 a pre-release screening. IF they r a vote bank, it can happen. I prefer CBFC who should amend the existing laws.

Q. Sir, I have been following 'Vishwaroopam' news closely on Twitter. I haven't seen a single tweet against the movie yet. Should the TN govt hold a swift poll with people who have watched the movie already and come to a conclusion as to whether this film would hurt Muslim sentiments? Asked by: Veda

A. I really wish the government does swift polls to see which way the wind is blowing. But I doubt whether it will happen.

Q. Sir, shouldn't Kamal Hassan sir be given an opportunity to explain his script to the representatives of the muslim groups so that they don't have any apprehensions against releasing the movie? Asked by: Veda

A. Yes today he is in discussion with muslim groups and explaining his view point and trying to convince them there is nothing offensive against them.

Q. I am astounded to perceive as someone said on a talk show that we should not make movies on facts and reality. That means: only thing we can make and enjoy is: gana, bajaana, item number with cheap & dirty lyrics; drama; love story(without stalking). Asked by: pc

A. It looks like that, as filmmaking is becoming highly risky and people do not want to travel the road less traveled.

Q. Why hasn't there been agitations among Muslim groups in other parts of the world if this was close to being offensive? Asked by: V

A. It proves that there was nothing offensive in the film.

Q. Could the government have acted in a better way? The producer has accepted to cut some scenes asked by the protesters today. The government could have made this happen on 24th January itself rite rather than carrying out these stunts right? Asked by: Arun

A. I think the TN CM spelled out her view point with a lot of clarity .

Q. Is it really too late to stream the movie on DTH and Mobile Phones? Won't Kamal be able to make enough money from these new channels - and along with Hindi, Telugu versions, international distribution and already closed TV rights - cover the cost of Production and Profit sufficiently? Asked by: Vishnu

A. I think DTH will come through after its release in TN. I think he will break even ultimately.

Q. Whether 'Viswaroopam' will be a hit in Hindi and Telgu version? Asked by: Venkatesh, Chennai

A. The film has potential 2 b a hit as no south Indian film has received this kind of public attention & media mileage in North.

Q. Sounds something fishy....why only Tamil Muslim organisations are opposing? Asked by: Prithviraj Chavan

A. I know there was no opposition from Muslim groups in Kerala, Karnataka or Andhra where there r more number of Muslims.

Q. What's your opinion about how Kamal handled this worst situation for 'Vishwaroopm'? Asked by: Venkatesh, Chennai

A. I think it was a super human effort on his part under difficult conditions and has emerged a winner.

Q. Sir, what is your reaction about the CM's "Kamal should take calculative risks" comment.. Asked by: sriram.rp

A. It is Kamal who should give an answer 2 that question.

Q. Is there only a political opposition against the release of 'Vishwaroopam'? Asked by: ranjith

A. The chief minister in her interview has made it clear that there was no opposition to the film .

Q. What are the other countries banned Vishwaroopam? Any possibility to screen the movie there Asked by: Venkatesh P G

A. I think only gulf countries (UAE) has banned it.

Q. Can he recover the loss from all India release? Asked by: santheep

A. I think he will recover from theatricals as the film has universal good word-of-mouth. Plus DTH and television rights.

Q. What's your opinion on kollywood support Kamal for Viswaroopam? Asked by: Venkatesh P G

A. Yesterday some people came 2 support him, but on the whole it is muted, nothing like the support he got from Bollywood superstars.

Q. Any latest updates on Vishwaroopam, does TN govt. agreed to release? Asked by: satish

A. Kamal, Muslim groups and TN government representatives r meeting 2 sort it out. Last I heard they had asked 4 a 9 to 10 minutes cut.

Q. How is the movie? Asked by: guru

A. I saw the Tamil version FDFS in Kochi and I loved it. My Twitter rating was 4/5, which is excellent.

Q. When you are expecting the movie to be released in TamilNadu Asked by: Venkatesh

A. I'm expecting the movie 2 b released in this weekend (Sat/Sun).

Q. How good is this film compared to Kamal's earlier directorial ventures? Asked by: sivakumar bs

A. I think it is Kamal's best film as a director.

Q. You might have seen this film. Is this film anti-muslim ? Asked by: Indranil Basu

A. It is not an anti-muslim film. It is a well made commercial entertainer.

Q. If Kamal agrees to cut some scenes to release in theaters, would it be possible to have no cuts on DTH or bring directors cut DVD or something? Asked by: deva...

A. I'm sure DTH version will b the 1 censored originally. A director's DVD will also b a hit.

Q. After the release in TN , will the film be able to break even if not make profit? Asked by: M. SATISH KUMAR

A. Nearly 75 percent of the box-office collections of the film is expected from TN. The kind of hype and controversies surrounding it will ensure a huge opening.