Jan 31, 2013 at 07:17am IST

Vishwaroopam: Kamal Haasan paying the price of Tamil Nadu's cinema politics?

New Delhi: With Kamal Haasan's request to meet the most powerful person in Tamil Nadu, Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, being turned down, the iconic actor has turned to the people. Now that the Madras High Court, in a ruling that overturned a judge's order, has said 'Vishwaroopam' cannot open till February 6, left with no option, Haasan says he will leave Tamil Nadu.

"Will leave Tamil Nadu if I am forced to. I will find my secular space outside Tamil Nadu. So many stories are being told to me. I really don't know what could be the real reason," he said.

It all began when Kamal Haasan decided to simultaneously release 'Vishwaroopam' in film theatres and via DTH. This led to the powerful theatre and distributors lobby forcing him to drop the plan. And just days before the January 25 release, fringe Muslim groups threatened to attack theatres screening the film. What followed was a 15-day ban on the release of the film by state government. Even neighbouring states put the release on hold.

An upset Haasan said, "My Muslim brothers are being used in this politics. I am neither left, nor right. May be it could be the reason."

In Tamil Nadu's vicious theatre of politics, where the two leading actors Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa are originally from the film industry, nothing is straightforward. Observers say Kamal Haasan is a victim of a political conspiracy in the name of religion. The fight for TV rights is also said to be one of the reasons.

Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said, "Our Constitution guarantees freedom of expression to all artistes. I am aware of Kamal Haasan issue. If there is a need, will conduct an inquiry."

Tamil Nadu politics has completely been dominated by the people in film industry for nearly 50 years. The film stars and producers will have to align themselves to one or the other party. Some say Kamal Haasan is paying the price for choosing to go it alone.