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Aug 22, 2012 at 08:33am IST

Kolkata amusement park accident: authorities say visitors ignored warnings

Kolkata: Fun turned to horror for visitors at Nicco Park, an amusement park in Kolkata. Revellers, many of them minors, toppled from a 20 feet high water slide ride and fell to the solid ground, after a portion of the ride broke. The injured say the ride was overloaded - many of them with broken limbs and fractured bones.

One of the injured visitor Kamal Hussain said, "We were trying to slide but it was crammed with people. I tried to make way but fell with my head facing down when the structure collapsed and injured my back."

Alleging maintenance neglect, a mob ransacked parts of amusement park.

The park authorities admit there was overcrowding, but blamed the customers. They say safety warnings issued by park personnel were ignored.

Assistant VP, Nicco Park Rajesh Raisinghani said, "They had had actually pushed our officers aside and they did this. Though it was not intentional to damage our park, they violated our instructions which are there in every ride for their safety out of excitement."

No complaint has been registered so far as there is also no system in place for regularly monitoring such amusement parks.

While overcrowding and arrogance of visitors in turning a deaf ear to safety instructions are to be blamed for such accidents, park authorities too cannot shrug off their maintenance responsibilities. It's a wake up call for both authorities and revellers ahead of the Pujas when crowd turnout at this place would be massive.

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