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May 22, 2007 at 07:05pm IST

Vyalar blasts Guruvayur temple

New Delhi: Union Minister Vyalar Ravi on Tuesday lashed out at the Guruvayur temple management for carrying out purification rituals after his son's visit to the Sri Krishna Temple.

Ravi said his family is contemplating legal action against the temple authorities over the shocking incident.

The temple priests performed the purification ritual as Ravikrishna's mother comes from a Christian family. Ravikrishna had gone to the temple for his son's first-feeding ceremony. This was, in fact, the second time that a face-off has erupted between the Ravi family and the temple authorities.

The Union Minister lashed out at the temple management over the controversy and said his family is now contemplating legal action against the temple authorities over the issue.

"My wife is Christian, but I'm Hindu. I am a born Hindu. My children and grandchildren are born Hindus and they are all practicing Hindus," he declared. .

A similar ritual was performed when Ravikrishna had visited the temple after his marriage seven years back. "There was a similar controversy when my son got married in Gurvayoor. My caste was not allowed temple entry. We protested against it. This incident is shocking. My family is agitated," Ravi said.

All people irrespective of political affiliations and social background have condemned the incident.

Vyalar Ravi said he is not angry, but very upset with the behaviour of the temple authorities. "My wife was born a Christian, but she married a Hindu. And our children were brought up as Hindus," he pointed out. "I am shocked at this incident," he said.