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Jan 17, 2011 at 07:28pm IST

Waive off Indian diplomat's immunity: UK

New Delhi: The British Foreign Office has released a strong statement demanding that immunity for diplomat Anil Verma be waived.

Verma has been accused by his wife of beating her up and the Foreign Office said it did not tolerate diplomats working in the UK breaking the law.

The statement said British government officials met with Indian High Commission officials and officials in Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi to emphasise the serious nature of allegations against Verma. The government has not revoked Verma's immunity and chose instead to transfer him back to India.

His wife is now hiding and have bruises on her to show, and have eyewitnesses to support her claim that Anil Verma has actually battered her.

Moreover, another senior High Commission official has allegedly threatened her of retaliatory actions is she continued to speak about the incident in public.

The Central Government is under pressure to waive off Verma's diplomatic immunity as experts opine that the privilege of the diplomatic immunity should be there only for the official purpose and he should face British court for the serious allegations made against him, which is related to law and order and not related to diplomatic responsibilities.

The Government has not taken any action in that line but is very worried that the MEA has indulged in a cover-up action by calling him back and said actions will be taken once he is back.

Meanwhile his wife, who is still in hiding, has sought political asylum in Britain.

In normal cases, political asylum is generally denied to the citizens from India, but the particular case is different from others.

The Indian High Commission will be consulted on the asylum request too, but it would oppose any demand for asylum for her.

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