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Jan 30, 2008 at 10:47pm IST

Want to learn Tamil, play scrabble

Chennai: In Tamil Nadu, Tamil scrabble or Thiruthamizh can help one learn Tamil better, faster, and it's more fun.

One of the many ways to improve one's English vocabulary is the scrabble. Similarly if one wants to learn or improve on their Tamil, Thiruthamizh is the way to go.

Chairman, Tiruthamizh Ulagam, G Rajakumar says, "Basically it's a game based approach. One plays the game, and gets a better score and once scored, whatever letters one forms, are retained in one's mind."

The Thiruthamizh has got 441 squares instead of the 100 ones in English. The 247 letters in the Tamil alphabets have been reduced to 33 basic letters and some innovations have been brought in to fit the symbols in.

No wonder, it took five years for Rajakumar and his team of eight members to develop this game. And now he has come up with an innovative plan to popularize the game.

Head, Research team, Thiruthamizh Ulagam, Sudha Rajakumar says, "We are going to create it in all the Indian languages. The one in Hindi is ready, it's concept is ready and it's tougher with all the half letters. We are also working on it in Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, all Indian languages."

It's a game that definitely is tougher than the English scrabble. But it can keep one engrossed for hours. And hopefully very soon, it'll have many takers in Tamil Nadu and abroad.