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Watch: Episodes of Jaspal Bhatti's satirical TV show 'Flop Show'

Oct 25, 2012 at 01:12pm IST

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New Delhi: Noted comedian and filmmaker Jaspal Singh Bhatti was known for his political satires. He propagated his ideas through several TV serials, capsules and films. 'Flop Show' was his most popular TV show that made him a household name.

The show was path-breaking in many ways. However, only ten episodes of the show was produced but the popularity it gained was extraordinary.

Jaspal Bhatti's wife Savita Bhatti had produced the show and she, Jaspal Bhatti and Vivek Shauq were also the actors in the serial.

Watch: Episodes of Jaspal Bhatti's 'Flop Show'

'Flop Show' was Jaspal Singh Bhatti's most popular TV show that made him a household name.

Every episode raised a different problem in a unique way which was full of good humour and sarcasm. Bhatti and other actors of the show never became personal with anyone but their razor sharp sarcasm was capable enough of tearing any wrongdoer's courage apart.

We have compiled the episodes of 'Flop Show'. Have a look.


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