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Nov 30, 2012 at 04:45pm IST

Watch: Microsoft paints Internet Explorer haters as trolls

New Delhi: Microsoft is on the warpath. After taking on Google, calling the search giant a "Scroogle," the world's largest software company's latest target is the Internet Explorer hater (that actually includes a sizeable portion of the of the more tech-savvy computer users).

In a video titled 'Do you know this guy?', Microsoft shows a smirky Internet user venting his ire at Microsoft's Web browser by Website comments, on Facebook and on Twitter. His rants receive chirpy responses from the Internet Explorer team who also highlight new features in the much-derided Web browser.

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Impressed with the new features, particularly, the Karaoke web standard, the troll finally gives a hint of turning into a convert and acquiesces that "IE sucks...less".

Watch: Microsoft paints Internet Explorer haters as trolls

After taking on Google, Microsoft's latest target is the Internet Explorer hater.

This is a part of Microsoft's strategy to attract the Internet Explorer cynics into the fold and had previously in March this year launched the website BrowserYouLovedToHate.com to promote IE9.

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The rising popularity of Google Chrome has led to shrinking of the Internet Explorer userbase, which was for many years the most popular Web browser.