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Jun 29, 2012 at 06:22pm IST

Watch: Mumbai moral policeman ACP Vasant Dhoble detains German women

Mumbai: A new video of Mumbai's moral policeman ACP Vasant Dhoble's crackdown has surfaced. CNN-IBN has accessed a video of Vasant Dhoble and his Social Services Branch team of constables detaining eight women outside the Voodoo Pub in Colaba.

The video shows the constables including Dhoble attempting to herd four German girls into a police van. The girls refused to get in, demanding an explanation as to why they were being detained.

Eventually, they were told it's to record their statement, but the girls, who are seen crying, told the cops they heard about the pub from their travel guidebook, and all they wanted to do was go home.

When a constable tried to herd one of the girls into the van, Dhoble was clearly seen saying 'don't touch them' repeatedly.

There was one lady constable present. The video is cut after a point, and CNN-IBN cannot verify whether the girls actually got into the van or not.