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Nov 18, 2009 at 10:50pm IST

Myths versus facts about child abuse

MYTH: Men sexually abuse children as they cannot control their sexual urge.

FACT: Sexual assaults are committed by people in a position of power and trust.

MYTH: Sexual assaults are instinctive acts committed by strangers.

FACT: Most sexual assaults are premeditated acts of aggression committed by trusted people.

MYTH: Children invite abuse by the way they dress.

FACT: Sexual abuse happens irrespective of the way the children dress.

MYTH: Culturally, children obey elders and don't say "No" to adult's unnatural act.

FACT: Child needs to be empowered to be able to speak out irrespective of cultural background.

MYTH: Children have vivid imagination and lie often when they speak of being abused.

FACT: Children lack the language or understanding to "make up stories" of the abuse.

MYTH: It is fine to promise the child confidentiality and bury the issue when he or she confides in you.

FACT: Abuse should be immediately dealt with and medical opinion should be sought if it's a serious case.