Oct 25, 2012 at 06:49pm IST

Watch: Naveen Jindal's reverse sting operation on Zee TV

There was high drama at Congress MP and industrialist Naveen Jindal's press conference on Thursday afternoon where he claimed he had proof against the editors of Zee News allegedly extorting money from his team. Jindal screened the video of what was shown to be a sting operation his company did on Zee News.

It purportedly shows Zee Business Editor Sameer Ahluwalia demanding money from Jindal's company. Jindal said Zee News asked him for money to stop a sting operation exposing his company's alleged role in the coal scam.

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Zee News has hit back saying, "We had been running stories against Naveen Jindal, so he has hit back at us. Jindal's men approached us and offered us a bribe to stop running stories against him. (Our) editors met Jindal's representatives with a dummy contract."

Following is the full transcript of the reverse sting operation by Naveen Jindal on Zee News:

Disclaimer: The transcript and video was released by Congress MP and industrialist Naveen Jindal at his press conference and has been republished as received. IBNLive is owned by the Network18 Group, which competes with the Zee Network

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