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Aug 08, 2012 at 05:16pm IST

Sonia Gandhi loses cool on LK Advani's controversial remark on UPA-II

New Delhi: In an unprecedented scene in the Lok Sabha, an angry Sonia Gandhi goaded Congress MPs to shout slogans after BJP leader LK Advani took a jibe at the UPA-II and accused the government of indulging in horsetrading to win votes in the House.

Soon after, Congress leaders broke into an uproar in the house, protesting against Adavni's statement even as Sonia was seen making animated gestures and intervening nine times.

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Sonia was seen instructing partymen and objecting to Advani's statement herself.

Advani withdrew the word "illegitmiate" from his speech after Lok Speaker Meira Kumar instructed him to do so.

"Never in the Indian history crores of rupees were spent to win votes in the House," Advani had remarked in his speech.

Sonia reacted strongly to Advani's remarks. The UPA chief, who usually does not agitate during Parliament proceedings, was seen goading Congress MPs to retaliate.

Advani later clarified his statement saying, "I am referring to the vote of confidence in the House, not the 2009 elections."