May 26, 2012 at 11:30am IST

'Oka College Story' will be a good drama to watch

T Prabhakar says that he has been inspired by the success of many films (read Premisthe, Prema Khaidi, Journey) dubbed from Tamil that have met in the recent times. The director of 'Rendilla Poojari', 'Kishkindakanda' and 'Batukamma' says that 'Oka College Story' is styled after some successful Tamil films.

The audience like some sensibilities of Tamil films is no secret. Prabhakar likes to bank on this factor. Don't go by the title. 'Oka College Story' is not merely about romance and classroom humor.

Shravan, Monal, Aarthi Puri, Vijaya Bhaskar, Naveen and others are part of the film.

Watchout for drama in 'Oka College Story'

T Prabhakar says that he has been inspired by many films and 'Oka College Story' is also styled after Tamil films.

Screenplay is by Sikandar. Dialogues are by Khaja Pasha. Editing is by Praveen Pudi. Cinematography is by Shanapathi. Prabhakar is the story writer and musician as well.