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Dec 23, 2013 at 05:41pm IST

We knew Adarsh report will be rejected, says Justice Patil

New Delhi: Retired High Court judge JA Patil, who headed the two-member commission probing the alleged Adarsh Housing Society scam, said that he was aware that the report will not be accepted by the Maharashtra government as it had indicted several former chief ministers of the state. Seven people including former chief ministers Ashok Chavan, Sushil Kumar Shinde and the late Vilasrao Deshmukh have been indicted in the report. Shinde is currently the Home Minister of India.

Maharashtra government had finally tabled the much-awaited Adarsh Housing Society Commission report in the state Assembly on Friday. The report was tabled by Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan along with an action taken report (ATR).

Here's an excerpt from the interview:

CNN-IBN: Justice Patil, people were looking at your commission's report for the truth of the Adarsh Society scam to be found and documented. While you did so - the government summarily rejected your findings? Given what you found, did you expect the government to reject it?

Patil: You see the thing is that the Commission of Enquiry is not the court of law and its findings are not enforceable, until and unless an appropriate government decides to act upon it. It is for the government to decide whether to accept it or not. But I must say that their discretion has to be judicial and it should be acceptable publicly.

CNN-IBN: Your report was clearly politically inconvenient for the state government, so they rejected it. Will that be correct to say?

Patil: They would know why wasn't the report unacceptable to them. It is for them to decide. I am not worried for what reason they rejected it. The public will decide.

CNN-IBN: Justice Patil, with the government now rejecting your report and the Governor refusing sanction to prosecute Ashok Chavan, do you think those guilty of wrongdoing will ever face the consequences?

Patil: I cannot predict what the Supreme Court will decide. The Governor has already challenged the report in the SC. So let us wait and watch.

CNN-IBN: For all the work that you and (former bureaucrat) P Subramaniam put in, are you a disappointed man today?

Patil: No, we don't feel disappointed or let down by this. Since beginning we knew that our report and conclusions will not be accepted. With all these findings we realised that the government may not like our conclusion.