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Dec 24, 2007 at 06:59pm IST

'We will form a stable government at Centre'

New Delhi: Narendra Modi has led the BJP to a spectacular victory in the Gujarat Assembly polls.

On Sunday everyone was a fair target for Modi. His first swipe was at the Election Commission, that also had a glancing blow at Congress President Sonia Gandhi.

“We expect EC to be non controversial and fair. However, they issue one notice to an Indian and another kind of notice to a foreigner. We have one decision for a Gujarati and yet another for a foreigner. I believe that we still have a colonial temperament,” says Modi.

As he upped his political ante, his target this time was New Delhi. While lauding the common man of Gujarat for his victory, he said that the agenda for the elections was not set by any political party, the media or us, it was set by a common man of Gujarat and that agenda was development. “We have been given the mandate of development by a common man,” adds Modi.

With a landslide victory in 2007 Gujarat elections, Modi is likely to jump the state's boundaries and position himself as a national leader. “This victory in 2007 will help us in the forthcoming General elections. We will form a stable government at the Centre under BJP’s banner,” says Modi.

This claim would certainly worry many of the senior most BJP leaders. His constant invocation of Bharat in his first public speeches after winning as against Jeetega Gujarat slogans, may raise doubts about Modi’s desire to ascend the political ladder to the national stage.