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Dec 06, 2008 at 01:10am IST

We will kill you, NSG men warn terrorists

New Delhi: National Security Guard (NSG) commandos risked their lives to flush out terrorists from the Taj, Oberoi and Nariman House.

The commandos, who lost two of their men during the Mumbai siege, are confident after the successful operation and warn terrorists that they would be killed if they step on the Indian soil again.

Captain Ryan Chakravarty led a team of commandos from the 52 Special Action Group to liberate the Taj Mahal Hotel.

"Suddenly there was a blast of AK-47 fire on top of me. We moved back, thankfully it didn't hit us. We chucked two grenades and kept on pinning him down with fire," Captain Chakravarty says about his mission.

Hawaldar Azad Singh was part of Captain Chakravarty's team.

"We kept on firing at them (terrorists) and also threw grenade at them. One of the terrorist fell down from the window and I fired at him and killed him," Hawaldar Singh narrates.

Hawaldar Singh almost gave the exact description of what was going on during the last stage of the operation to liberate the Taj Hotel in Mumbai.

Both Captain Chakravarty and Hawaldar Singh have seen it all and have lived to tell the tale. It was their bullets that cornered that last terrorist holed up in the first floor of the hotel.

But it was the bullet fired from Hawaldar Singh's gun that actually killed the terrorist.

"I have the experience. I have served in Jammu and Kashmir for over seven years and know what it's like. I knew how exactly how to get to him and eliminate him," added a confident Hawaldar Singh.

It was the experience that gave them the edge and the will power that completed the job despite all odds.

"Your aim should be very clear. You should go in there to complete the task given to you and come out with your men safe and sound," Captain Chakravarty adds.

As the mission was accomplished these brave officers hope a similar crisis never arises, but even if it does they are forever ready.

"We have the power, we have the capability to sort them out if they come back again. If they are shameless and keep on returning, we'll go on killing them again and again," warns Captain Chakravarty.

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