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May 10, 2013 at 09:23am IST

West Bengal: Movie on chit fund scam 'Kagojer Nouka' to release today

Kolkata: The Saradha Group chit fund fiasco has inspired a new movie in West Bengal. Tollywood has drawn inspiration from the Saradha Group collapse. All eyes are now on the latest release, 'Kagojer Nouka' or 'The Paper Boat', which metaphorically means an object that doesn't stay afloat for a long time. Incidentally, the film stars Dadasaheb Phalke-winner Soumitra Chatterjee playing the character of the prototype of Saradha boss and scamster Sudipta Sen.

Director Partha Sarathi Jowardar says he conceived this cinematic adaptation of the chit fund collapse seven months ago in anticipation of such a disaster waiting to happen. He also mobilised a thorough research on the operations of ponzi scheme companies. But he admits that the film's timing was a mere coincidence.

"Chit fund companies collect deposits with the intention of swindling them away. People keep their hard-earned money in such schemes in the hope of high interests and get cheated," Partha Sarathi Jowardar said.

Companies running ponzi schemes have pooled in around Rs 40 crore of annual investment in the Bangla film industry. With the noose of police and regulatory bodies tightening around them, most are likely to wind up. Jowardar knows that there are people like him who would stand by Bengal's film and television fraternity.

Artistic response apart the phenomenon, which has and would keep having a deep impact at all levels of the society as more and more companies go bust, is bound to evoke similar reactions from different corners. The state government is grappling for a solution but respite for victims is nowhere in sight.