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Jan 29, 2013 at 11:38am IST

What are Naveen Jindal's Tri-Vortex 'Tiranga' bangles for arthritis cure?

New Delhi: You have heard of the 'fish therapy' in Hyderabad for curing asthma. Then there's sound therapy for curing common ailments, through chants that produce live sustaining vibrations. You have even seen the infamous advertisements for Japani Oil to cure male debility and enhancing sexual prowess.

There's a new alternative cure available on the market now - the Tri-Vortex bangle that its makers claim can cure ailments like acidity and arthritis, purify water and even protect people from harmful cell phone radiation.

The bangle was launched here on Friday. The 'tiranga' copper bangle, designed with Tri-Vortex technology from South Africa, is an initiative of the Flag Foundation of India, an NGO run by parliamentarian Naveen Jindal. It was unveiled by Minister of Human Resource Development Shashi Tharoor.

What are the 'Tiranga' Tri-Vortex bangles?

Tri-Vortex bangles (Tri-Vortex bangles)

Anton Ungerer, co-owner and inventor of the technology, told IANS that the Tri-Vortex uses sounds from nature for health benefits.

"The bangles are treated in a high energy Tri-Vortex chamber with acoustic sounds like sprouting of seeds or flowing water for over 24 hours, thus imparting it a wide range of health benefits," Ungerer said.

"Powerful energy fields of the bangle create a flowing molecular structure resulting in much improved energy, vitality, balance and relief from pain," he added.

Several other products like Tri-Vortex coasters, which purify water when a glass of water is kept over them and pendants that can be attached to a mobile phone to prevent the body from harmful radiation, were also launched.

Jindal's website said the bangle created cellular coherence, allowing the body to be more capable of pain relief. "The powerful energy fields of the tiranga bangle create flowing molecular structure giving you energy, vitality, balance and relief from pain. By wearing the bangle, you will improve muscle communication and have increased strength and better balance," it said.

The bangle could be worn it to reduce muscle or systemic pain. The website claimed it was beneficial to all including athletes as well as the elderly, who lose balance in the process of moving and stabilising simultaneously.

Jindal said the bangle would be launched nationwide. It's price is yet to be finalised. (Inputs from IANS)