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Jun 20, 2007 at 02:48pm IST

What people expect from Mayawati

New Delhi: Mayawati will be the new Chief Minister, after handing a defeat to the Samajwadi Party, and a drubbing to the BJP. Nobody had managed a simple majority for 14 years, but Mayawati's Bahujan Samaj Party has done it in Uttar Pradesh.

While the people have given their mandate to Mayawati, they are expecting BSP to fill the gaps that Mulayam’s regime left behind—a need for better law and order, bringing down crime rate and re-starting the development process.

“We want a government that is criminal free and one that comes up to people’s expectations,” said one local in Lucknow. “People of UP have given their verdict against Mulayam Singh’s criminal government,” said another.

While popular voices are about bringing down the crime rate in UP, people are also expecting Mayawati to work for the development process. “We want an MP who thinks in the interest of the people, provides law and order and help the development process,” said one local in Badalpur, UP.

With the clear majority behind her, Mayawati now promises what has eluded the most populous state for long — a stable government. BSP supremo Mayawati shed her image as a Dalit leader and aligned with upper castes against whom she has carried out a consistent campaign in the past. It's a classic example of social engineering in recent years, which can also be classified as one of the biggest attempts in India's political history.

Mayawati now has to ensure that not only does the Dalit-Bhramin wedding, which she engineered, survive, but also that these voices don’t get lost in the din of political power struggles.