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Mar 22, 2008 at 06:40pm IST

9-yr-old Sikh boy left at bus stop in London

New Delhi: A mystery is baffling in Scotland Yard, London. A nine-year-old Sikh boy, Gurrinder Singh was abandoned at a bus stop in a busy London suburb. The boy speaks no English.

All the police was able to get from him was that he was left there by a ‘white uncle’ and that he was kept indoors watching television for several years.

Police and social workers are trying to piece together the past life of Gurrinder Singh, as he cannot name any relatives or friends.

Gurrinder was found sitting in a clinic in the predominantly Asian area of Southall in West London on Tuesday.

He was apparently healthy but exhausted.

He appeared to be well dressed and there was nothing to suggest he had been ill treated. Officials say it's possible he may have traveled from any part of the country or even beyond UK borders.

“This is a very peculiar case. We have not been able to get much information from Gurrinder at all,” an international website quoted Keith Lunson, the chief inspector leading the investigation as saying.

Lunson said Gurrinder had never been to school and lacked the social skills of youngsters his age.

"We've done all we can to get information from Gurrinder but because the timescale of what happened to him is so unsure after his uncle left him and because we don't know where the bus stop is, we can't even look at CCTV because we simply don't know when or where to start looking."

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