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Jun 18, 2007 at 11:56am IST

Why Konkona played sex worker

Mumbai: She won her first National Award at an age where most leading ladies hope to find the trophy behind one of the many trees they run around.

Konkona Sen Sharma now dons the greasepaint to play a sex worker in Madhur Bhandarkar's Traffic Signal.

Konkona says she was a little apprehensive about playing the role of a sex worker, but took it as a challenge and did the role.

CNN-IBN correspondent Aarti Kapur Singh caught up with the actress.

Aarti Kapur Singh: How easy or difficult was to it play a sex worker in Traffic Signal?

Konkona Sen Sharma: It started off as being very difficult and slowly I became a little more comfortable with role and it became comparatively easier.

Aarti Kapur Singh: You’ve never been associated with roles that don’t involve the traditional running around the trees. Are you averse to doing that?

Konkona Sen Sharma: I look at the script, my role, the director and co-stars and the production unit. If that appeals to me, I take the role. If that includes not wearing or wearing any makeup, then these are externalities and trivial.

Aarti Kapur Singh: Out of 15th Park Avenue, Mr and Mrs Iyer, Omkara, Page 3 and now Traffic Singal, which of these will you consider closest to your heart and why?

Konkona Sen Sharma: I think 15th Park Avenue would be definitely one of them because I gave everything to that character. It is very close to my heart.

Aarti Kapur Singh: Who is more of a hard taskmaster among all directors you’ve worked with? Your mother?

Konkona Sen Sharma: Definitely she is hard taskmaster. Pradeep Sarkar comes close.