Nov 09, 2013 at 08:26pm IST

Will criticise but not resort to cheap politics like the Oppn: PM

Raipur: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh while addressing a rally in Raipur hit out at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and said that the state government was responsible for the poor growth of the state.

He said that there were law and order problems in Chhattisgarh and blamed the BJP government in the state for failing completely. "It is still a Naxal infested state and that is the reason why it has not been able to develop," he said.

Taking a shot at the Opposition, the Prime Minister said that he will criticise them but will not resort to cheap politics. "We will criticize the Opposition and yet not use inappropriate words. We will not go below our dignity," the PM said.

Singh added that Chhattisgarh had witnessed maximum development in the last nine years under UPA's leadership. "Sipat power station is the evidence of how devoted our government is towards Chhattisgarh," he said. He also added that the credit for the success of the PDS scheme in Chhattisgarh belonged to the Centre.

Emphasising on the positives of the UPA government in the poll-bound state, the PM said, "only Congress can bring progress through inclusive growth. Inclusive growth policy makes us different from other parties."

Singh condoled the deaths of the Congressmen who had lost their lives in the attacks in Chhattisgarh attacks and called it "an attack on the democracy".