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Nov 11, 2012 at 07:58pm IST

Will forego IAC label after launch of political party on November 26: Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: India Against Corruption activist-turned-politician Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday tweeted that he would not use the IAC label post November 26 after the launch of his political party. "Anna is too dear to us. I have the deepest respects for him. After the launch of our party on November 26, we will not use IAC name," Kejriwal tweeted.

His tweet came a day after Anna Hazare's group insisted that they would like to retain the name. Kejriwal had earlier in the day said that he would drop the name if Anna asked him to. He said he considered Anna as his "guru". "If he asks me to stop using the IAC's name, I won't use it," Kejriwal said.

Activist Kiran Bedi and a member of the core group of the new Team Anna on Sunday had told reporters that the name IAC will remain with Anna Hazare. "We will seek donations in the name of IAC. People can donate in the name of IAC. Arvind's organisation is PCRF (Public Cause Research Foundation)," she said.

Will forego IAC label after launch of party: Kejriwal

In a tweet, the activist said that he had the deepest regard for Anna Hazare and would give up the label after the launch of his party.

Speaking to the media, Hazare said the group's bank account will be in the name of Bedi, Sunita Godara and Lt Colonel Brijender Kokhar, all members of the new Coordination Committee. A press statement issued by the group said Hazare reconstituted the Coordination Committee to re-energise India Against Corruption (IAC) movement, signalling that they were not ready to forgo the name.

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