Oct 31, 2011 at 02:03pm IST

The largest human ribbon in Bangalore?

BANGALORE: 6,583 people came together to form a ‘human awareness ribbon’ on Sunday at Sullivan Police Grounds to create more awareness on breast cancer. Organised by HealthCare Global Enterprises Limited, a cancer care network, the participants wearing pink t-shirts and pink head gear formed the human ribbon and stood for ten minutes.

“In India, there is lack of awareness on health and people do not undergo regular preventive health checkups. Preventive health checkups always play an important role in the early diagnosis of cancer. As a doctor, I’m happy that so many people from all walks of life have come here to create awareness on breast cancer. We have issued free 6,000 mammography coupons for all the participants. This is the first step in eradicating the social stigma associated with word ‘cancer’," said Dr B S Ajaikumar, chairman, HCG.

For this attempt to be adjudicated by the Guinness Book of World Records, the organisers will send high resolution photographs of the human ribbon formed at Bangalore and a video of the ribbon formation to the World Records keepers.

The largest human ribbon in Bangalore?

6,583 people came together to form a 'human awareness ribbon' on Sunday to create awareness on breast cancer.

According to the Guinness World Records and Limca Book of Records, the documentation of the ribbon has to be duly signed by civil law notary and sports officer. Organisers said that all documents related to the human ribbon at Sullivan Grounds would be verified by Omprakash, IPS, additional director general of police, K L Sudheer, IPS, additional commissioner of police, KSRP, Dr M A Saleem, IPS, additional commissioner of police, Traffic, K M Mahadeva Prasad, sports officer, Karnataka State Police Sports Promotion Board, Bangalore, and Keerti Tewari, IAAS, accountant general, Government             of India.

The Limca Book of Records will carry this event in its edition in 2013. If it is accepted by the Guinness Book, India will hold a new record in forming the largest human awareness ribbon to spread awareness on breast cancer surpassing the previous record held by Saudi Arabia. Participants at the event were also provided with free mammography coupons, cancer screening and a consultation with a specialist. Cancer survivors, cancer patients, care givers, nurses, corporates and students participated.